site specific installation, 2014, 40'

By adapting Giselle, a classic romantic ballet, Nicole Seiler once again leaves the confines of the stage to experiment with adventurous art forms. Specifically, it is the second act of the ballet that the choreographer has chosen to focus on, aiming to render it according to her own reinterpretation of the work. It is already late in the woods. Pale and translucent shadows - the Wilis - the ghosts of deceased young brides are ready for revenge. Will Giselle's love be enough to help the audience, lost in the woods, survive as Albert once did? This new project uses the most recent technologies and motion capture to create a mysterious ballet of light and shadow.

concept, choreography: Nicole Seiler
dance (filmed): Ai Koyama
light design: Florian Bach
music: Stéphen Vecchione
technical director, video: Vincent Deblue
video 3D: Simon Broggi
trainee: Vanessa Gerotto
administration: Cristina Martinoni
tour manager: mm – Michaël Monney
coproductions: far° festival des arts vivants Nyon
Cie Nicole Seiler

Ville de Lausanne
Etat de Vaud
Pro Helvetia