Human in the loop

Dance performance all audiences, 2023, 65'

What happens when an artificial intelligence takes part in the creation of a choregraphy ? Based on instructions generated by the AI before each performance, and discovered in real time by the performers on stage, the artistic process is revealed before our very eyes, as a witness a veritable visual laboratory of potential relationships beetween humans and artificial intelligence. Human in the loop takes a humorous, offbeat look at power relationships and questions our freedom within an oppressive, devious and often absurd structure governed by algorithms.

concept, choreography :Nicole Seiler
performance, artistic collaboration:Clara Delorme, Gabriel Obergfell
IT programming, artistic collaboration:Tammara Leites
artistic collaboration:Nicolas Zlatoff
composition: Stéphane Vecchione
light design:Jérôme Vernez
light, technical direction: Jérôme Vernez, Alexy Carruba, Stéphane Gattoni
sound:Clive Jenkins, Stéphane Vecchione
costume design:Ana Carina Romero Astorga
administration: Léonore Friedli
tour manager: Ana Lagarrigue
coproduction:Cie Nicole Seiler
Arsenic, Centre d’art scénique contemporain, Lausanne
support:Ville de Lausanne
Etat de Vaud
Loterie Romande
Pro Helvetia
acknowledgements:Diya Naidu, Parth Bharadwaj, befantastic Bangalore (IN)


Dance performance all audiences, 2023, 15'

Luup is a short version of Human in the loop. This flexible and adaptable 15-minutes format was co-produced by the Dança em Transito dance festival in Brazil and developed with two performers on site during a week of rehearsals.

idea, concept:Nicole Seiler
IT programming, artistic collaboration: Tammara Leites
artistic collaboration:Nicolas Zlatoff
performance:Silvia Kamyla, Elton da Souza
administration:Léonore Friedli
tour manager:Ana Lagarrigue
production:Cie Nicole Seiler
coproduction:Dança em Transito Rio de Janeiro (BR) 
support:Ville de Lausanne, Etat de Vaud 
creation:21st July 2023 
Dança Em Transito Festival, Rio de Janeiro