Un acte sérieux

choreographic performance, 2012, 40'

This interactive performance reveals the infinite strata that make up the language of dance. While dancer Mike Winter executes certain movements on stage, a spectator will attempt to describe the gestures of Krassen Krastev, another dancer actually positioned in a studio some kilometers away. Filmed by a web-cam, transmitted by Skype and projected on a large screen, the latter tries to reconstitute as faithfully as possible the other's movements in a intriguing confrontation both virtual and in real-time.

concept and choreography: Nicole Seiler
performance and choreography:   Krassen Krastev / Simon Wehrli
Mike Winter / Tim Fletcher
technique: Vincent Deblue
costumes: Cécile Delanoë
text, voice-over: Séverine Skierski
administration: Cristina Martinoni
tour managment: Tutu Production
coproduction: Festival de la Cité Lausanne
Cie Nicole Seiler
supported by: Ville de Lausanne
Etat de Vaud
Pro Helvetia

RSR – Dare Dare