dance performance, 2014, 55'

After the trilogy, which deconstructed the relationship between movement, sound and image (PlaybackAmauros, and Small Explosion with glass and repeat echo) Shiver will question reality itself.  A complex video system projects live onto the bodies their own replicas, stylised with computer animation.  We are building a dubious atmosphere, suspenseful, that plays with the codes of film noir and horror movies. By experimenting with the discrepancies between projections and reality, Shiver troubles the senses, generating suspicion and disquiet.  The set becomes – in a playful manner – a mirror of a most profound and even physical dread. The universe in tension:  shudders guaranteed.

concept, choreography: Nicole Seiler
dance, choreography: Claire Dessimoz
Dominique Godderis-Chouzenoux
Krassen Krastev
Mike Winter
light design, video: Stéphane Gattoni
stage design, video: Vincent Deblue
music: Stéphane Vecchione
costumes Claude Rueger
dramatist collaboration: Laurent Guido
Fabrice Gorgerat
participation in the creation process Josseline Black
Aurélien Chouzenoux 
administration: Cristina Martinoni
tour manager: mm – Michaël Monney
coproductions: Théâtre Arsenic Lausanne
Südpol Luzern
tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf
Cie Nicole Seiler

Ville de Lausanne
Etat de Vaud
Pro Helvetia
Loterie Romande
Ernst Göhner Stiftung