The rest is silence

Dance performance, 2020, about 60'

Forming a community of imagined folklore as a choir, 7 dancers explore the limits of being together. How does a group moving in unison reach the point of separation; what is the place of individuality in a society? How does a song move from communion to exclusion? Where is the line between a joyful explosion and a war detonation?

Nicole Seiler experiments with the physicality of sound: what the body – and only the body – can produce, in its interiority and exteriority.

Concept, choreography Nicole Seiler
Dance, chorégraphie

Marius Barthaux, Karine Dajouindji, Anne Delahaye, Dominique Godderis-Chouzenoux, Christophe Jaquet, Gilles Viandier, Aure Wachter

Composition Stéphane Vecchione
Voice work An Chen
Light design Antoine Friderici
Costume design Cécile Delanoë
Pyrotechnics Joran Hegi
Stage design Vincent Deblue
Musicologists Peirre-Do Bourgknecht, Dieter Ringli
Administration Laurence Rochat
Tour manager Michaël Monney

Cie Nicole Seiler
Arsenic – Centre d'art scénique contemporain Lausanne


Ville de Lausanne, Etat de Vaud, Loterie Romande, SSA – Société Suisse des Auteurs, Pro Helvetia – Swiss art council, Sophie und Karl Binding Stiftung, Fondation Thomas Stanley Johnson

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<p>Critique de Agnès Dopff</p>


Critique de Agnès Dopff

The rest is silence
RTS La Première – Vertigo

<p>IO Gazette</p><br />
<p>Critique de Marie Sorbier</p>
Janvier 2020

IO Gazette

Critique de Marie Sorbier

The rest is silence
RTS Espace 2 – Magnétique