Dolls/Dolls Live

video installation, performance, 2005

The installation Dolls/Dolls Live inhabits a space in which the public is invited to walk around. Moving from one piece to another, the spectator is, by the end of their walk, prey to all sorts of unexpected visions and encounters. The darkness of the site reveals phantom-like apparitions and fantastic creatures, part dream and part nightmare. Dolls allows various different dolls to exist, by superimposing filmed images that dance and are animated. For Dolls Live two real dancers intervene in the installation, giving rise to a dialogue between the asperity of the flesh and the disguise provided by the video.

concept, video, choreography: Nicole Seiler
performance, choreography (projections): El-Baze
Celina Chaulvin
Florent Ottello
Kylie Walters
performance, choreography (live): Celina Chaulvin
Mike Winter
sound: Jean-Baptiste Bosshard
costumes, accessories: Claude Rueger
co-production: Théâtre Arsenic Lausanne
Cie Nicole Seiler
supported by: Ville de Lausanne
Etat de Vaud
Loterie Romande
InFocus AG