stage performance for all audiences from 4 yo, 2020, 45', 3 dancers

... Heater, sausage, joy, bark, plump, cod, wall, suburban, cataplasm, park bench, club, conifer, gluten, kiss, glove, gastronomy, sleep, grass, chives, carnivorous, girlfriend, enchanted, swallow, pig...

There is room for everything in "Wouah!", the first creation for all audiences by choreographer Nicole Seiler. This show is conceived as a fireworks display of absurd and dada situations. Images and atmospheres: a useless, but absolutely necessary collection of playful situations appealing to the emotional rather than the cerebral. Nothing is permanent, everything keeps changing, it's nonsense: the exploded and explosive narration relies on the potential of the imagination of the young and not so young.

A playful and absurd poetry for body and voice.

It is possible to organise workshops during the tours.

concept, chorepgraphy: Nicole Seiler
dance, choreography:

Hortense de Boursetty
Colline Cabanis
Gabriel Obergfell

composition: Stéphane Vecchione
voice work: An Chen
light design: Antoine Friderici
stage design, video: Vincent Deblue
costume design: Cécile Delanoë
artistic collaboration: Muriel Imbach
technical direction: Vincent Deblue
administration: Laurence Rochat
tour management: Martin Genton

Cie Nicole Seiler,
Le Petit Théâtre de Lausanne
Une coproduction dans le cadre
du Fonds des programmateurs de
Reso – Réseau Danse Suisse.
Soutenue par Pro Helvetia
Fondation suisse pour la culture


Ville de Lausanne
Canton de Vaud
Loterie Romande
Pour-cent culturel Migros Vaud
Fonds d’encouragement à l’emploi
des intermittent.e.s genevois.es (FEEIG)