Madame K

dance performance, 2004, 45'

Madame K is a woman. She makes herself up, she disguises herself. Her desire to seem is stronger than her desire to be. She'd love to get away from the reality of her body and flee its imperfection. Madame K is a choreographic and multimedia trip (with video projections) from the surface into the very abysses of being, from falsehood to truth, across the inner universe of a woman who finds herself in disaccord with her "self" and the image that she projects.

choreography: Nicole Seiler
in collaboration with Kylie Walters
performance: Kylie Walters or Nicole Seiler
video: Nicole Seiler
sound: Jean-Baptiste Bosshard
light and stage design: Lionel Haubois
costumes: Claude Rueger
supported by: Ville de Lausanne
SIG Schweizerische Interpreten Gesellschaft
Loterie Romande
Infocus AG

Nicole Seiler

photo: Cardinaux
photo: Cardinaux