One in a million

video, 2004, 10'

Created within the context of the Festival Local at the theater l'Usine in Geneva, in collaboration with the AVDC. One in a million is a research into human movement and (more precisely!) inhuman movement. A voyage in video that explores the body's limits, pushes them, then goes back to appropriate them. The specter of movements, a choreographic audacity is enlarged, amplified. The rhythm, space, speed and energy of the gestures are determined by the video montage. The video becomes a tool for reinventing the body's language. The video may be shown as an installation (projected unto a black background, at its actual size) or in simple projection (onto a white surface).

choreography: Nicole Seiler
Kylie Walters
dancer: Kylie Walters
direction, camera, editing: Nicole Seiler
sound: Jean-Baptiste Bosshard
costumes: Claude Rueger