Audio-walk, 2018

Palimpsest explores the poetic potential of the language of audio-description. Available via a smartphone application, a collection of geo-tagged sound compositions invite the listener on a guided tour of the city. The audience members become actors in the movement, projected in spite of themselves onto the stage of an ephemeral theatre. Although the dancers will be physically absent their subtle evocation within the hyper-realistic narration will lead them to gradually materialize in the spectators’ imaginations - like phantoms haunting the surrounding landscapes. Physical proximity and intimacy are fundamental aspects of the piece’s concept and composition, which means that the audience will perceive the presence of the physically absent performers as something very much alive.

Conception Nicole Seiler
Text, French voice

Séverine Skierski

Composition and sound design Stéphane Vecchione
App development App3Null GmbH
History collaborator Anne-Gaëlle Neipp
History consultants Lausanne

Ariane Devanthéry
Jean-Pierre Pastori
Olivier Robert

History consultants Nyon Véronique Rey-Vodoz
Catherine Schmutz
Administration Laurence Rochat
Touring Michaël Monney

Cie Nicole Seiler


Arsenic, centre d’art scénique contemporain, Lausanne (CH)
far° festival des arts vivants, Nyon (CH)

Supports Ville de Lausanne
Etat de Vaud
Pro Helvetia — Fondation suisse pour la culture
Loterie Romande
Fondation Ernst Göhner