Je m'appelle…

dance performance, 2007, 11'

Creation within the context of the project Soli for Flavia of the Collectif Essonne Danse, in collaborations with Danse à Lille. In this little solo it is the identity of the performer and her professional path which define the piece and how it unfolds. The solo changes depending on the individual doing the performing. Je m'appelle Flávia Tápias is thus not at all the same performance as Je m'appelle Célina Chaulvin. Throughout the choreography, in part written and in part improvised, elements of a resumé and the little anecdotes of a professional dancer's every day existence get written into her skin with the help of video projections.

concept, video and choreography: Nicole Seiler
performance and choreography: Flavia Tapias
Célina Chaulvin
tour management: Tutu Production
co-production: Cie Nicole Seiler
Collectif Essonne Danse
Danse à Lille