dance performance, 2005, 35'

Lui, masculine counterpart to Madame K (creation 2004), takes a sharp and caustic look at man face to face with his own image; the duality between being and appearance. This choreographic and multi-media piece takes apart our social comportment and the dictates of contemporary society, where performance rhymes with concurrence.

choreography: Nicole Seiler
en collaboration with Mike Winter
performance: Mike Winter or Nicholas Pettit
vidéo: Nicole Seiler
sound: Jean-Baptiste Bosshard
light and stage design: Lionel Haubois
costumes: Claude Rueger
supported by

Ville de Genève
Etat de Genève
Loterie Romande
Sophie und Karl Binding Stiftung
Ville de Lausanne
adc Genève
Théâtre Arsenic Lausanne