Cactus Flower

Dance perfromance, 2016, 45'

The succession of gestures follows its own organic logic: each repeated movement transforms gradually and imperceptibly into another, which in turn becomes another and another. In this continuous transformation the group even though composed of a number of individuals, is required to function as one body.

The tension between the individual and the group questions our interactions and relationships. How do we communicate? How are we able to be ourselves and yet part of a group? How do we deal with roles, power and collective pressure?

Improvisations and choreographed sequences alternate and communicate with a spoken script and the sound score composed by Stéphane Vecchione

Concept, choreography Nicole Seiler
Concept, costumes, stage design Hala Elkoussy
Danse, choreography

Kanny Abdallah, Yahya Abodan,
Hady Adel, Bakr Mohamed Ali,
Islam el Arabi, Sherry Ashraf,
Mohamed Eika, Kareem Abd el Fattah,
Dina Gamal, Sherin Hegazy,
Ahmed Huras, Karim Nady,
Huda Abu el Naga, Al Kaml Rajab,
Nagham Salah, Shaymaa Shoukry

Light design Abdelsalam Moussa
Music, sound design Stéphane Vecchione
Project coordinator Shaymaa Shoukry
Internship Audrey Cavelius, 
Administration Laurence Rochat
Tour management Michaël Monney
Coproduction Cie Nicole Sielr, Hala Elkoussy
Support Ville de Lausanne, Etat de Vaud,
Pro Helvetia Cairo