documentary film, 2020, 80'

A sensitive portrait of Trixie, an extraordinary woman who testifies about her experience as a dancer and choreographer. Her personal experiences show a fascinating life alongside the great icons of dance she has known. Evolving in the heart of the German bubbling art scene, she will have marked the memories and the history of dance. In this sensitive portrait, through words and gestures, she sketches her incredible career by addressing the intimate question of her relationship with the aging body.

directed by: Bastien Genoux
written by:

Nicole Seiler
Bastien Genoux

with: Beatrice Cordua alias TRIXIE
editing: Nalia Giovanili
cinematography: Bastien Genoux
sound: Masaki Hatsui
David Lipka
Björn Cornelius
Théo Viroton
sound editing: Jérôme Cuendet
Alea Jacta
music: Stéphane Vecchione
additional music: Lucie Mauch
with film extracts by: Ludwig Schönherr
Stephen Dwoskin
Walter Bickmann
production: Détours Films
Cie Nicole Seiler

Loterie Romande
Ville de Lausanne
Etat de Vaud