Small explosion with glass and repeat echo

Dance performance, 2012, 70'

Sound. Music. Image. It is these three elements, key to any performance, that Nicole Seiler dissects and deconstructs by way of a conceptual research that is exacting, precise, minute, surgical. After having cut the sound in Playback, then plunged the audience into darkness, obliging them to see the dance with their ears (Amauros), Nicole Seiler focuses her work on what is choreographically speaking fundamental: movement and its relation to sound. Abstract bodies dialogue this time with concrete sound imagery. Faithful to her practice of engaging the spectator, she proposes a playful performance, a mirror open to various interpretations, the result of which is a very physical piece, an evocation and imaging of social interaction.

concept and choreography: Nicole Seiler
performance and choreography: YoungSoon Cho Jaquet
Nicole Seiler or Pauline Wassermann
costumes: Claude Rueger
light deisgn: Stéphane Gattoni
light direction:  Antoine Friderici
music:  Stéphane Vecchione
dramaturgy:  Christophe Jaquet
administration:  Cristina Martinoni
tour management:  Tutu Production
coproduction: Théâtre Arsenic Lausanne
Théâtre de l’Octogone Pully
Cie Nicole Seiler
supported by:

Ville de Lausanne
Etat de Vaud
Pro Helvetia
Loterie Romande
SSA, Société Suisse des Auteurs
The performance was created in part during a residence at Centro per la Scena Contemporanea in Basano del Grappa