Nicole Seiler


Born in 1970 in Zurich, Nicole Seiler studied dance and theater at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Verscio (CH), the Vlaamse Dansacadamie in Bruges (BE) and at Rudra Béjart in Lausanne (CH). As a performer she collaborated in the creation of numerous works with companies such as Cie Buissonnière (Philippe Lizon), le Teatro Malandro (Omar Porras), Allias Compagnie (Guilherme Botelho), Cie Philippe Saire, Massimo Furlan as well as other companies abroad.

She founded her company in 2002 in Lausanne.

Parallel to her work as a choreographer she is also interested in questions of cultural politics and throughout the last years has been on the board of different associations and foundations such as Pro Helvetia - Swiss arts council, Danse Suisse, far-festival des arts vivants, Nyon, etc.

Photo: Julie Masson

The company


Nicole Seiler created her company in 2002. Her research into video and choreography has led to the creation of innovative works, dance and multimedia, videos, choreographic installations, performances and site-specific works that aim to keep the audience active in their interpretation of the work. Since 2010 her research focuses mainly on the relationship between image and sound and led her to explore the description of movement, from both a historical and personal point of view, but also more generally to question how image and sound connect in our memories.

Since 2004 The company tours internationally . 

tour management:

mm – Michaël Monney
+41 21 566 70 32 (office)
+41 76 804 70 32 (mobile)

photo: Julie Masson
Photo: Julie Masson


In 2009 Nicole Seiler received the cultural prize in dance from the Fondation Vaudoise pour la Culture. The company is regularly subsidized by the city of Lausanne, the Vaud region, Pro Helvetia and several private sponsors and foundations such as Loterie Romande, CORODIS (tours), Ernst Göhner, Stiftung, Migros Kulturprozen, Fondation Leenaards, Stanley Thomas Johnson stiftung, Sophie und Karl Binding Stiftung, Société Suisse des Auteurs, etc.